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Energogazpribor (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) is engaged in planning, manufacture, promotion and sale of the products manufactured at the production facilities of SPA (Scientific and Production Association) SAROV-VOLGOGAZ (Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region) since 2005.

SPA SAROV-VOLGOGAZ is legal successor of SPA VNIIEF-VOLGOGAZ which was founded in 1992 on the basis of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF). SPA SAROV-VOLGOGAZ is one of the leading enterprises that develops and manufactures the equipment for the Fuel and Energy Complex, namely:

  • Thermal and nuclear power engineering (heat power plants; nuclear power plants)
  • Oil and gas transportation – (main pipelines, gas compressor units, gas-distributing stations).
  • Chemical industry and mechanical engineering industry (pumping plants and compressor units)

All products manufactured by SPA SAROV-VOLGOGAZ comply with the international standard ISO 9001-2008.

The manufactured equipment including software comprises more than 300 items. These are sensors and probes, automation and control systems, namely:


  • Vibration sensors (vibration velocity, axial shift, vibration displacement, vibration control);
  • Rotation frequency sensors, axial shift sensors, displacement sensors;
  • temperature sensors (pipes, soil; liquid, loose and gaseous media);
  • Intellectual sensors of vibration velocity and displacement;
  • Measurement instrumentation;
  • Calibrators;
  • Controllers;
  • Software;
  • Multi-channel data recorders;


  • Process control systems (PCS);
  • Telecontrol systems
  • CAD systems
  • Automated gas odorization systems (AGOS)
  • Data base management systems (DBMS)
  • Equipment and pipeline technical diagnostics systems
  • Technical monitoring and safety systems
  • Complexes for vibration diagnostics, tachometry, temperature measurement (Control and Instrumentation)

The R&D of new products and modernization of serial products performed by design engineers are continuously under way.

We also develop and manufacture equipment based on technical specifications of customers.

The specialists of SPA SAROV-VOLGOGAZ provide the full range of assembly and commissioning work including warranty and post - warranty service.