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Three-dimensional absolute vibration sensor DVA-I3 ITsFR.402248.005

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Measuring of root-mean-square values (RMS) of vibration velocity with respect to three coordinates/or their module of vector sum.

Area of Application

It is used to control vibration state of the equipment and units operating in different industries (gas, oil, power generation, metallurgy, chemical industries etc.).

It consists of:

Three-axis vibration transducer DVA-I3. Normalizing transducer. Connecting harness.

Distinctive features

Multiplex data exchange channel (fieldbus);
Reading of instantaneous amplitude of signals with sampling frequency;
Availability of analogue (4 ± 20 mA) and discrete (relay) outputs;
Measuring with respect to three coordinates;
Explosion proofness – 1Ex[ib]dIIBT6.

Technical characteristsics

Vibration velocity measurement range, mm/s 0–100
Frequency range of vibration velocity, Hz 0–32
Relative error limits, % ±5
Interface RS-485, Protocol Modbus RTU
Exchange rate, kbit/s 1,2–115,2
Power supply voltage, V 18–36
Consumed power, W, at least 1
Operation conditions

Operating temperature range, °С
vibration transducer -40 ... +125
normalizing transducer -40 ... +70
IP Code according GOST 14254-96 IP66

Pin  Circuit Name
1 +Un Power supply 18–36 W, nominal 24 W
2 -Un
3 RS-A Serial interface RS-485
4 RS-B
5 GND General
6 Ix Output signal 4–20 mA
7 Iy
8 Iz
9 GND General
10 GND