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Rotation frequency sensor ITsFR.408113.030 (for NPP) Code OKP 427822

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It is inteneded for conversion of rotation frequency of a ferrous shaft with toothed gear weel into propotional sequence of current pulses and also as constituent part of a tachometer complex (TC) ITsFR.402141.004.

Area of application

In industrial systems.


Rotation frequency sensor (RFS) comprises an inductor IKLZh.408113.001, sharpeneramplifier (SA) ITsFR.468171.001, harness ITsFR.685621.068 and power supply circuit ITsFR.685621.067.
The inductor IKLZh.408113.001 is fastened to a mounting bracket or housing of the controlled facility with two nuts М20х0,75.
The RFS operates as follows: at rotation of a toothed gear wheel connected with a unit's shaft, e.m.f. variable arises in the inductor's coil, which is converted in SA in a sequence of rectangular pulses of current of (17±3) mA. The input pulses' frequency is proportional to the rotation frequency of the controlled shaft. The SA consists of: a comparator and current pulseformer converting the inductor's voltage pulses into an output signal – current pulses with amplitude (17±3) mA every time when the teeth of the gear wheel intersect the inductor's magnetic field. The SA has a two-wire circuit. An output signal is the pulses of the SA useful current.
The SA is based on a printed circuit board and installed in a housing.

Technical characteristics

Toothed gear wheel's parameters:
tooth height at least,mm 4
tooth width at least, mm 5
gear wheel's width at least, mm 20
distance between teeth, mm 15
Converted frequency range, teeth number <60, r/min 10–10 000
Gap width between an end face plane and tooth's top (at frequency > 10 r/min), mm 0,5–5
Load resistance, Ohm 10–500
Supply voltage, V 19–27
Connection diagram 2-wire
Output signal (useful current), mA:
pulse amplitude 17±3
in interval 4,5±1,5
no rotation 4±1
open induction circuit, mA < 1
Probability of no-failure within 8000 h, %, at least 0,98
Guaranted service life, years 1,5
Operation conditions

Operation frequency range, °С:
inductor -40 ... +150
sharpener–amplifier -10 ... +60
Resistance to sinus vibration according to GOST 12997-84 F3
Resistance to EMF forces according to GOST 50746-2000 50746-2000
Scope of delivery: ITsFR.408113.030, ITsFR.408113.030FO, ITsFR.408113.030RE
Ordering information: Rotation frequency sensor ITsFR.408113.030.