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Temperature sensor IKLZh.405212.001 Code OKP 421171

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It operates as a constituent part of software-hardware tools of main pipelines and converts the temperature of external surface of pipelines, soil (including explosion hazard zones) into 4–20 mA current signal.
High precision of conversion at operation conditions without adjustment during its service life, capability to operate in severe environment, possibility of self-testing, galvanic isolation of output circuits from power supply and check-out circuits.


The sensor consists of:
  • measuring transducer IKLZh.405511.001-06 (MT);
  • measuring probe IKLZh.405212.002 or IKLZh.405212.003 (MP) in compliance with the
The description of MT and MP composition and operation are presented in IKLZh.405511.001RE and IKLZh.405212.002RE (IKLZh.405212.003RE) respectively.
Designation Fig. L*, mm Н, mm Controlled facility
IKLZh.405212.001 1 4 800 35 Pipe of 1000–1400 mm diameter
IKLZh.405212.001-01 2 4 800 36 Soil
IKLZh.405212.001-02 1 4 800 33 Pipe of 720–820 mm diameter
IKLZh.405212.001-03 1 3 800 - Pipe of  426–530 mm diameter
IKLZh.405212.001-04 1 4 800 33.5 Pipe of  325–377 mm diameter
* Cable length – L, if necessary, may be increased up to 18 m (specified while making an order).

Technical characteristics

Diameters of controlled pipes, mm 325–400
Measured temperature range, °С -50 ... +70
Maximum permissible error of temperature conversion, °C (0,5+0,0035 х tmeas.)
Additional error of conversion (at ambient temperature -50 ... +70°С), %: ≤0,1/10°С
Thermal inertia index, s ≤ 40
Power supply voltage, V 19–30
Output current signal, mA 4–20
Explosion proofness marking 1ЕхdIIВТ4
Level of protection against dust and water penetration according to GOST 14254-96 IР54
Probability of no failure during 2000 h, %, at least 0,99
Specified service life, years ≥10

Operation environment

Operating temperature range, °С -60 ... +70
Resistance to sinusoidal vibrations according to GOST 12997-84 F3

Operation details: It operates at GAZPROM facilities since 1991.

Scope of delivery: IKLZh.405212.001, IKLZh.405212.001ФО, IKLZh.405212.001ТО and IE.

Ordering Information: Temperature sensor IKLZh.405212.001-01.