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PIMB-901. Ground temperature sensor ITsFR.405212.002

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Conversion of ground temperature in the range of -40 до +80°С into a unified output DC current signal of 4–20 mA. It can operate in explosion hazardous zones.

Area of application

In automatic systems operating at main pipelines.


Temperature sensor comprises a copper temperature probe (CTP) as operating primary transducer with a unique sensor curve (USC 50M) according to GOST 6651-94, a conditioning amplifier and can also include up to two additional sample CTP installed in in a molded steel housing.

Distinctive features are high accuracy of conversion in rigid operation environemnt during service life, connection via a 2-wire communication line, possibility of control that does not require dismounting.

Technical characteristics

Measured temperature range, °С -40 ... +80
Maximum permissible absolute error, °С ≤ 0,5
Range of output signal, mА 4–20
Thermal inertia index, s ≤ 40
Supply voltage, V 8–30
Connection diagram 2-wire
Load resistance, kOhm ≤ 1
Level of protection according to GOST 14254-96 IP58
Explosion-proofness marking lExsIIT4
USC of sample CTP according to GOST 6651-94 80М
Tolerance class of samle CTP according to GOST 6651-94 V
Mean time to failure, h, at least 100 000
Specified service life, years 12,5
Weight without cable, kg 1,5±0,15

Operation conditions

Operating temperature range,°С -40 ... +80
Resistance to sinusoidal vibration according to GOST 12997-84 F3

Operation details: State Register No. 25211-03. Type Approval Certificate RU.C.32.011.A No. 15300. Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.0001.11GB04. It operates at GAZPROM facilities since 2003.

Scope of delivery: PIMB-901 ITsFR.405212.002, ITsFR.405212.002RE, ITsFR.405212.002FO.

Ordering information: Temperature sensor PIMB-901-05-B ITsFR.405212.002 TU.
PIMB-901 – code of temeprature sensor;
05 – cable length L, m;
B – number of sample CTPs.

Code Number of sample CTPs
А 1
Б 2
0 0