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PIMB-900. Pipe surface temperature measurement sensor ITsFR.405212.001

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Conversion of pipe surface temperature of main pipleines in the range of -40 up to +80°С in a unified output DC current signal of 4–20 mA.


Temperature sensor comprises a copper temperature probe (CTP) as operating primary transducer with a unique sensor curve (USC 50M) according to GOST 6651-94, a conditioning amplifier and can also include up to two additional sample CTP installed in in a molded steel housing.
The housing's design provides for its installation (glueing) on pipe surfaces of main pipelines with 32–1420 mm diameter. For this purpose the housing's surface to be glued is designed as a concave one being approximate to the external pipe surface's radius.
Distinctive features are high accuracy of conversion in rigid operation environemnt during service life, connection via a 2-wire communication line, possibility of control that does not require dismounting.

Technical characteristics

Range of controlled pipe diameters, m 325–1400
Measured temperature range, °С -40 ... +80
Maximum permissible absolute error, °С ≤ 0,5
Range of output signal, mА 4–20
Thermal inertia index, s ≤ 40
Supply voltage, V 8–30
Connection diagram 2-wire
Load resistance, kOhm ≤ 1
Level of protection according to GOST 14254-96 IP58
Explosion-proofness marking lExsIIT4
USC of sample CTP according to GOST 6651-94 50М
Tolerance class of samle CTP according to GOST 6651-94 V
Mean time to failure, h, at least 100 000
Specified service life, years 12,5
Weight without cable, kg 1,5±0,15

Operation environment

Operating temperature range,°С -40 ... +80
Resistance to sinusoidal vibration according to GOST 12997-84 F3

Operation details: State Register No. 22826-02. Type Approval Certificate RU.C.32.011.A No. 12150/1. Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.ГБ04.В00575. It operates at GAZPROM facilities since 2002.
Scope of delivery: PIMB 900 ITsFR.405212.001, ITsFR.405212.001RE, form, a kit of mounting parts ITsFR.405921.002, Manual 0556.25101.00320.
Ordering information: Temperature sensor PIMB-900-01-05-B ITsFR.405212.001 TU.
PIMB-900 – code of temperature sensor;
01 – code of pipe diameter (is choosen according to Table 6.1);
05 – cable length L, m;
B – sample CTP (is chosen according to Table 6.2).
Table 6.1
Code Controlled pipe diameter, mm
01 1000–1400
02 720–820
03 426–530
04 325–373
Table 6.2
Code Sample CTP
А Pos. 3
Б Pos. 3, pos.4
0 Not installed