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KURS-NG measuring and computing complex ITsFR.421451.020

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KURS-NG measuring and computing complex is an integrated system for technological data collection and gas distribution station (GDS) control. The complex is a basis of automated control system of processing facilities that is a constituent part of enterprise control systems (for example, local operations and maintenance department (LOMD) of gas transportation facility). It operates in automated and remote-controlled modes, it also controls and monitors the states of processing facilities and automated systems of GDS. The monitoring results are displayed at a local monitoring and control console (LMCC), remote control device (RCD)’s indicator and at LOMD dispatcher console.
The complex can be used either for GDS modernization with complete replacement of automatic equipment or for renovation projects with maximum utilization of the systems operating at GDS.

Interaction of main processing facilities as constituent parts of the complex:
  • switching units;
  • pressure reduction spools;
  • gas purification units;
  • gas heating units;
  • gas flow rate measurement units.

Interaction of auxiliary facilities as constituent parts of the complex:
  • light and ventilation units;
  • energy accounting units;
  • main and backup power supply units;
  • signalling device of gas contamination, carbonic oxide and fire detection at GDS facilities;
  • security alarm systems in the premises and at GDS area;
  • cathode protection systems.

The complex and its external devices connected to it comply with the following requirements:
  • “Guidelines for operation of gas distributing stations of main gas pipelines” VDR 39-1.10-005-2000;
  • regulatory document “Guidelines on gas distributing station automation”;
  • “Tentative technical requirements for gas distributing stations” GAZPROM;
  • STO GAZPROM 2-6.2-149-2007 “Classification of power consumers of industria facilities of GAZPROM”
The following equipment can be connected to KURS-HG complex according to automation requirements for particular facility:
  • complexes for gas flow rate measurement;
  • gas composition and humidity analyzers;
  • sensors and warning devices of methane and CO contamination;
  • sensors and transducers;
  • other systems and devices;
  • cabinet for secondary instrument.
At present, the following equipment is connected to KURS-HG complex:

  • electronic gas volume corrector EK-88;
  • electronic gas volume corrector ЕК-260;
  • measuring complex for gas flow rate SuperFlow – 21V;
  • measuring complex for gas flow rate SuperFlow – IIЕ;
  • measuring complex for gas flow rate Floboss-407;
  • gas volume meter VKG-2;
  • gas flow rate corrector SEVC-D (Corus);
  • uninterrupted power supply APC Smart UPS;
  • uninterrupted power supply N-Power Master Vision;
  • heater’s electronic control unit MSKU PGTA-375М;
  • heater’s electronic control unit PTPG BUPG-24;
  • heater’s electronic control unit PG BA-24-02М;
  • сathode protection system SKM Pulsar L-1;
  • discrete valve-transformer regulator;
  • humidity analyzer KONG-PRIMA-4;
  • humidity analyzer Cermet II IS;
  • composition analyzer Ametek 5000;
  • composition analyzer Ametek 241;
  • odorizer electronic control unit BOE;
  • AGOS odorizer electronic control unit;
  • power control box BS-P5101;
  • valve control unit PAUK-8К/16K;
  • KP-MG APSTM controller;
  • RMS PO Start controller.
Interface equipment for telemetry systems’ consoles of the following types:
  • control console (CC) ТМ SТN-3000;
  • CC of HSC “Aliance” telemetry system (TM);
  • CC of “Sirius-QNX” TM;
  • CC of “Magistral-1” TM;
  • CC of “Magistral-2” TM.
The list of the equipment is continuously updated.
The complex comprises special software allowing on-line adjustment and configuration management.

The complex consists of

The following equipment of the complex is accommodated in a cabinet:
  • programmable logic controller (PLC);
  • controller of analogue and discrete input/output;
  • local control console terminal;
  • button bar;
  • heat energy controller;
  • consoles for autonomous control of valves (PAUK);
  • power converters;
  • terminal blocks.
The complex may comprise a cabinet for secondary instrumentation accommodating the following additional equipments according to the project:
  • additional valve control unit PAUK
  • additional modules of analogue and discrete input/output;
  • analogue and discrete signals distributors;
  • protection device for analogue and discrete inputs/outputs against secondary effects of lightning;
  • analogue and discrete signal converters including a measuring transducer to pick up signals from a cathode protection station;
  • computers and auxiliary units of consumption metering complexes;
  • electronic control units of gas heaters, odorization and gas analysis systems etc.;
  • remote control deviceЎ¦s transmitter (RCDT);
  • gas contamination warning device;
  • CO contamination warning device.
Scope of delivery:
  • a cabinet with installed equipment;
  • a kit of spare parts;
  • a kit of mounting parts;
  • a service console (by order);
  • remote monitoring and control consoles (by order);
  • a backup power supply module (by order);
  • a set of operational documentation.
The back up power supply module is a scaled device and may include several autonomous power supply subsystems allowing to reserve power supply for varies GDS automated systems
within 48 hours.

Functions of the complex

  • to pick up analogue signals from sensors and transducers with universal outputs ;
  • to pick up discrete signals ЎV processing facility condition signals;
  • to perform commercial accounting of energy resources consumption;
  • to pick up discrete signals on states of valves, gate valves and stop-valves;
  • to collect data on malfunction of control circuits for stop-valveЎ¦s solenoid coils;
  • to collect data from the devices connected to the complex via multiplexed RS-232 and RS-485 channels;
  • to store data in data base and data archives;
  • to represent all collected and processed data at the display of local management and control console (LMCC) as mnemonic diagrams, tables, trends etc.
  • to implement technological algorithms for control of GDS equipment in automated mode,
  • to provide also required emergency protection and emergency stop of GDS;
  • to identify emergency and preventive measures, to control connected audio signal and visual signal devices;
  • to transfer all collected and processed data via a multiplexed channel to a top level system or remote management and control console (RMCC).
  • to generate discrete control signals to actuating devices including those ones controlling valves, gate valves and stop valves by LMCC operatorЎ¦s command, by the command of a toplevel
    system or RMCC;
  • to generate discrete control signals to actuating devices with the implementation of the preset algorithms and based on analogue signal measurements and discrete signals registration including calculated parameters of energy consumption;
  • to generate analogue control signals by the command of LMCC operator, a top-level system or remote management and control console (RMCC). 

 Technical characteristics  

The complex is powered from a single-phase alternating current network:
frequency, Hz 50
voltage, V 220 +10% -15%
Total power consumption, VА, at least 300
Number of analogue measuring channels Up to 40
Basic percentage error of measuring channels, %, at least ± 0,2
Number of measuring channels to connect sensors with impulse-number output Up to 2
Number of channel for measuring and calculation of flow rate and heat power of energy carriers based on measuring technique using orifice plates Up to 8
Number of measuring and computation channels of natural gas flow rate and volume using turbine meters Up to 4
Number of analogue control channels Up to 4
Number of input discrete channels Up to 96
Number of discrete control channels (circuit switching of Direct current of up to 60 V and to 3,5 А current) Up to 24
Number of channels for stop valves monitoring and control Up to 32
Number of communication ports with RS-232/485 interface. 16
Mean time between failures of the complex’s equipment, h, at least 30 000
Average service life, years, at least 10
Mean time to restore normal operation, h, at least 1
Backup time of electric power supply (involving UPS ), h, at least 48
Overall complex’s cabinet dimensions, mm 1900х800х600
Complex’s cabinet weight, kg, at least 300

Operation environment

Environment temperature, °С +5 ... +35
Relative air humidity at 35°С, % Up to 80
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 84–106,7

Testing at GAZPROM facilities: KURS-HG measuring and computing complex (MCC) was successfully tested in 2005 at GDS-2 of Local Operations and Maintenance Department of main pipelines in Penza.
You can order KURS-HG MCC based on a data sheet specifying operation requirements for particular facility.