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Hardware-software complex “Alliance”

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The hardware-software complex (HSC) “Alliance” is a multi-purpose product.

HSC “Alliance” is used for creation of a dispatcher console for control of technologicalтequipment located either locally (in the immediate vicinity of the console) or remotely.

At present, based on the HSC “Alliance” we have developed a dispatcher console (DC) of telemetry system (TS) (DCTS). DCTS is designed for automatic control of process parameters and the values of gas and fuel transportation and distribution facilities. It is used for collecting, processing, monitoring, visualization and archiving of the data from the controllers of process facilities/remote devices as well as for generation and transfer of control commands.

DCTS provides for a data and control interface with the devices of the lower level such as controllers of processing facilities (CPF), automated control systems (ACS) of gas
distributing stations (GDS), measuring complexes (MC) of energy carrier’s flow rate and other equipment.

DCTS provides for a data and control interface with automated workstations (AWS) of engineering services connected to it.

HSC “Alliance” and DCTS comprises in-built tools providing for data exchange with a top level system and makes it possible to integrate it into a unified supervisory control system (USCS) of a facility.

DCTS of HSC “Alliance” comprises the following equipment:

• a controller for data acquisition and conversion (possibility of data backup);
• a server of technological data (possibility of data backup);
• a server for long-term data storage;
• Dispatcher’s AWS (automated workstation);
• Administrative manager’s workplace;
• LAN (local area network) equipment;
• power supply facilities including uninterruptible power supply units (UPS);
• baseband equipment for communication with remote facilities.

Depending on the HSC “Alliance” design it is based on operational systems LINUX or QNX; AWS operates on Microsoft Windows. The in-built devices of the HSC allow creating the data and control interface with remote facilities (CPF, ACS, MC and others) using MODBUS protocols and/or FT3.

Note. It is possible to develop required tools at customer request those supporting data exchange based on other communications protocol.

Up to 8 communication lines with remote devices can be connected to the equipment.
Any of the communication lines can be simultaneously connected to USCS and TS equipment:

• supporting protocol exchange FT3 – up to 64;
• supporting protocol exchange MODBUS – up to 254;
• supporting other protocols– at special request.

The following communication channels can be used as an interface with remote devices:

• low speed dial up channels (300, 600, 1200 boud);
• high speed modem channels;
• digital channels (including analogue terminations);
• radio modification.

The HSC equipment allows routine switching of the channels for communication with remote devices to perform inspection, scheduled maintenance and technical servicing using special services.

DCТS is designed to operate in a continuous clock-round mode and shall be periodically subjected to routine maintenance.

Mean time between failures – at least 10 000 hours.

Operational environment
Ambient air temperature, °С

+15 ... +25

Relative air humidity, % 30–80
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 84–106,7

DCTS has the following functions and operation modes:

• automatic polling of the remote devices parameter variations (reading of CD data bases);
• automatic polling of all parameters of the remote devices;
• individual polling of a chosen parameter;
• individual polling of a chosen device;
• continuous polling of an individual chosen device;
• generation of emergency and warning reports when measuring results exceed the preset limits followed by an audible warning signal;
• generation of the signals on the discrete state of the facilities;
• generation and transfer of two-step control commands to the level of remote devices;
• upgrading and storage of all data from the devices in data base;
• upgrading of data base of technological parameters;
• configuration parameters changing and recording into remote devices;
• displaying of technological and auxiliary data on a monitor screen;
• generation of reporting documentation and automatic conveying to a printer (with the preset periodicity or at user's request);
• data and control interface with a top level system of USCS;
• data synchronization between principle and secondary servers, main and backup communication controllers.

DCTS displays:

• process flow diagram (with tie-in) of USCS facilities;
• process flow diagram of selected USCS facility;
• measurement results;
• state of sensors and operating mechanisms;
• emergency, warning and process messages;
• gas flow rate parameters: equivalent roughness, molar concentration СО2, molar concentration N2, gas density at normal conditions, atmospheric pressure, pipeline diameter, orifice diameter (orifice plate) etc.;
• values of gas flow rate: instantaneous, per hour, per 24 hours, per month, per preceding 24 hours, per preceding months;
• configuration data.

Notes. Data presentation format can be changed at customer request.

You can order HSC “Alliance” providing your Data Sheet with specification of operational requirements for the complex of specific facility.