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Back up power supply unit KLIZh.565232.001. Code OKP 43 1820

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Back up power supply unit (BPSU) is designed for:

  • uninterrupted power supply of KURS-NG ITsFR.421451.020 computing and measuring complex (CMC) in the absence of supply voltage or when its parameters exceed the permissible limits;
  • uninterrupted power supply of different automatic systems and equipment of automated control systems (ACS) of GDS in the absence of supply voltage or when its parameters exceed the permissible limits.

Area of Application

  • BPSU is intended for operation as part of GDS automatic systems including other utility distributing stations (oil, steam etc.).
  • BPSU is a self-contained unit and is intended for operation as part of hardware and software complexes controlling parameters and technological process in different industries, transportation and other branches of national economy.


BPSU is based on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which perform the following functions:

  • double conversion of electric energy;
  • reliable operation without switching to power supply from batteries within a wide range of input voltage parameters;
  • "cold” start up (start up of UPS in the absence of supply-line voltage);
  • representation of UPS operation mode and input and output power supply on LCD, sound signalling in a real-time operation mode;
  • reliable protection against disturbances, overshoots, interference, noise etc.;
  • remote monitoring of parameters via RS-232 interface;
  • automatic charger for connected external batteries.

BPSU may comprise one or two UPS, each of which is connected to a set consisting of eight batteries.

Constituent parts of BPSU (including off-hand batteries) are installed in a cabinet of the floor mounted version with the opening door for convenience of mounting and working.

Technical characteristics

Description of parameters



Nominal input AC voltage, V


Permissible range of input voltage change, V


70–100% load


50–70% load


50% load

Input voltage frequency, Hz


Number of independent power supply outputs

Up to 2

Specified at order of BPSU

Nominal consumed power (rated input)

At full load and fully charged batteries, VA


For one power supply output


For one power supply output

Maximum consumed power

At full load and fully charged batteries, VA


For one power supply output.


For one power supply output

Nominal sinusoidal input voltage

220/230/240 ±2%

220 V (in supply)

Output voltage frequency, Hz

Synchronization to line

While operating off a supply line

50 ± 0,5%

While operating on batteries

Nonlinear harmonic distortion coefficient for each output %

< 4

At linear load

Maximum load power connected to each output, VA


Operation time in the absence of input voltage and maximum level of batteries charge, h


For maximum load at each output

Overall dimensions of BPSU cabinet (HxWxD), mm


Height (allowing for basement)

Weight, at least


Operation conditions

Temperature, °С 0–40  
Humidity, % 0–95 Without condensation moisture
Period of service, years 12 Allowing for batteries

BPSU consists of:

  • uninterrupted power supplies (up to 2);
  • sets of batteries (up to 2, each set has 8 batteries);
  • terminal blocks for input and output power supply, interface lines RS-232;
  • protection device against secondary effects of lightning (lightning protection);
  • input and output breakers with automatic switch off function at reloading.