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Displacement setting device UZP ITsFR.442261.001

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A displacement setting device (DSD) ITsFR.442261.001 is applied for setting gaps (displacements) among end sides of eddy current transducers (ECT) of axial shift sensors (displacement and gap sensors) within up to 4 mm measurement range during their manufacture and operation.
Main area of application – adjustment and verification (calibration) of displacement and axial shift sensors. The DSDs are applied to simulate surfaces of controlled parts of units and to set up the gaps within measurement range of the sensors. The gaps are set using electronic (for ITsFR.442261.001 of type 60.30039 Brown & Sharpe) or mechanical (for ITsFR.442261.001- 02 of type MG Н25) micrometers specified in State Register.
DSD's design (see the Table) differs in:
1) type of used micrometer:
  • electronic micrometer (micrometer head) of MICROMASTER series, type 60.30039, Brown & Sharpe TESA, Switzerland;
  • micrometer (micrometer head ) MG Н25 GOST6507-90;
2) type of used bracket providing maximum distance from an adapter socket's end side (to install ECT) to removable disk:
  • 17 mm;
  • 36 mm.


Designation Тype of micrometer Distance from an adapter socket's end side to a disk, mm
maximum operation range 
* ITsFR.442261.001 Electronic micrometer MG 60.30039 17 1-17
ITsFR.442261.001-01 36 20-36
* ITsFR.442261.001-02 Micrometer MG N25 17 6-17
ITsFR.442261.001-03 36 25-36

Technical characteristics

Setup gap ranges, mm 0–4
Error for displacement setting up, at least, μm ±3
Error for gaps setting up (absolute), at least, μm ±10
Error for a “zero” gap setting up:
for ECT with mounting thread М16, М18, at least, μm ± 7
for ECT with mounting thread М10, М12, 3/8”, at least, μm ±5
Weight, kg 0,5

For setting up ECTs with different setting sizes, DSD is supplied with different threaded bushing М10, М12, М16, М18, 3/8”.
A scope of DSD delivery comprises calibration disks made out of steel grade specified by user.
Scope of delivery
ITsFR.442261.001 or (ITsFR.442261.001-01, ITsFR.442261.001-02,
ITsFR.442261.001-03), ITsFR.442261.001RE, ITsFR.442261.001ET
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